PAU HANA 11’0 Navio – hybrid keel paddleboard


This stand up paddle board is best for everything from touring to all around. You’ll cover more ground with less paddling than any other board of its small size. The Navio is a compact keel-hull day touring board designed to glide effortlessly with every stroke. This is the best keel hull paddle board.

Escape on the Navio day tour stand up paddle board for an afternoon adventure. The only SUP on the market to feature a keel line, it paddles straighter and with less effort for a quiet stable ride. Originally designed in 2006, the Navio is the latest version of a keel hull paddle board that was the first of its kind in SUP. This model features a keel extending from the nose and extending all the way down to the tail. The Navio won’t get blown off course in the wind, It tracks amazingly straight and glides effortlessly through the water. The double concave channels the water down the length of the board and silences choppy waves. Full rails add to the secondary stability which makes the board forgiving. This is one of the best paddle board choices for a day tour in a lake or cruising in wetlands along the coast. This is the best keel hull paddle board.

  • You’ll cover more ground with less paddling than any other stand up paddle board of its small size.
  • Combines the stability of a planing hull with the efficiency of a displacement hull.
  • High weight capacity.
  • Excellent day touring board for casual recreational paddling.
  • It’s a great fishing board, with through holes for staking in the flats, or inserting a fish finder.
  • The board also features SeaMount® which is the first patented accessory attachment system for stand up paddle boards. SeaMount® makes it really simple to add cup holders, paddle clips, and easy to thread bungee tie downs that are strong and robust.
  • It can be outfitted with a SeaMount® drink holder, paddle clip, and d-rings.

It can be used for a variety of different SUP activities. It can carry heavy loads and take a bunch of gear. It’s one of the most versatile all around boards there is.

The EPX construction is a light-weight classic build with multiple color options and a smooth glossy finish. This epoxy construction features a beautiful laminated cherry burl wood veneer inlaid into the deck.


Navio SUP specifications
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This is the best keel hull paddle board. Navio features strategically places seamounts, center carry handle leash cup, grab handle, through hold, 5mm extra soft Eva deck pad, self regulating vent plug


This is the best keel hull paddle board. Bamboo sandwich construction 32lbs weight displacement hull design keel hull maximizes stability and tracking single 9 inch fin and standard interchangeable fin box


Use the Recreational Kit to take longer paddles and make the most out of your SUP!