PAU HANA 10’0 Moonmist Air TPU – inflatable yoga & recreational SUP


Check your touring board in as regular luggage at the airport and get the adventure started. The Ultimate yoga surf board now comes in an ultra portable package for SUP adventures anywhere on the planet. Made from 100% TPU, this inflatable board is for the more Eco conscious.

The Moonmist TPU is an inflatable SUP that takes the style and performance of the Moonmist Classic and puts it in an extremely durable and portable package. It is made out of eco friendly TPU technology without compromising any quility or function. The Moonmist TPU is an excellent choice for the travelling Yogi as it fits easily in the trunk of a car and can be checked as luggage on the plane. It comes with bag, pump, fin, matching three piece paddle and repair kit. The board bag is a high quality gear bag with durable ABS wheels, double stiched seams, built-in overnight backpack style harness designed for carrying long distance and with the ability to tuck away. It also features a top mounted soft grab handle for easy rolling as well as a bottom handle for manuvering. The entire package only weighs under 17lbs so it will check as regular luggage, not an oversized bag, and can accomodate another 30lbs of gear and still be under the airline 50lb limit.


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Moonmist TPU board features


Moonmist TPU board features
Package includes: Travel bag, Pump, 3-piece paddle, Fin & Repair kit