PAU HANA Calypso Air – inflatable Stand Up Kayak….both a SUP & kayak


The 11’6” Calypso is the first of its kind from Pau Hana. Brand new for 2019 this Stand Up Kayak inflatable hybrid combines the best features of both Stand Up Paddle Boards and Kayaks. The Versatile design is stable and comfortable for paddlers of all skill levels. The 11’6” Calypso comes with a custom kayak seat that provides a comfortable place for riders to sit and paddle while they give their legs a break. The 11’6” Calypso also features a large window in the deck so you can explore underwater from the surface. This window is a unique feature that can be enjoyed by anyone from a child who peers curiously through the deck to fisherman on the prowl for their next catch. The 11’6” Calypso also comes with a built in 5mm bungee for securing items and D-ring attachment points for an array of other accessories.

The Calypso is an inflatable stand up kayak that takes the benefits of SUP and sit on kayak and puts them into an extremely durable and portable package. This high quality 850 GSM marine grade PVC inflatable stays rigid and rides well in whitewater, inland lakes, and the ocean. It’s super stable with a built in keel to keep you tracking smoothly through the water. The Calypso is an excellent choice for the world traveler as it fits easily in the trunk of a car and can be checked as luggage. It comes with bag, pump, and three piece paddle. This is the best option if you are trying to decide whether to invest in a sit on kayak or an SUP. The board bag is a high quality gear bag with durable ABS wheels, double stitched seams, built-in overnight backpack style harness designed for carrying long distance and with the ability to tuck away. It also features a top mounted soft grab handle for easy rolling as well as a bottom handle for maneuvering. The entire package only weighs 28lbs so it will check as regular luggage, not an oversized bag, and can accommodate another 22 lbs of gear and still be under the airline 50 lb limit.


Calypso SUP specifications
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Calypso inflatable SUP features


Calypso inflatable SUP features