GearNav Seeker 16

Length 16′ * Width 34″ * Depth 14″ * Bow Height 23″ * Rocker 2.75″ * Capacity 990 lbs

Getting out on the water in this stable & sleek canoe makes any paddling experience incredible!

Our Seeker 16 is true in shape and form to the original prospector canoes of early Canadian explorers. It was designed & hand crafted under the watchful eyes of Andrew Phillips, a leader in the composite manufacturing industry & avid canoeist with years of paddling experience.

Seeker 16 has a moderate rocker & smooth entry lines. This allows paddlers to enjoy everything from calm lakes to flowing rivers to whitewater trips in the great outdoors.

Seeker 16 is offered in 4 different series as follows:

37 lb Premium Flax Series: Beautiful natural finish in an ultralight version for those enjoying calmer waters.

        • Constructed using Flax fibres $4400.00

39 lb Lake Series: Calm waters & light trips. Ultralight available.

        • Offered in 2 different layups – Kevlar $4350.00 or Carbon $4450.00

44 lb River Series: Calm & faster moving waters. Extra re-enforcement has been added where it counts.

        • Offered in 2 different layups – Kevlar $4550.00 or Carbon $4650.00

50 lb Whitewater Series: Advanced whitewater & anything thrown at it. Strategic re-enforcement in key areas, plus throughout.

        • Constructed using Kevlar, Carbon & Glass $4750.00

**** please note canoe weights can or may vary slightly due to production materials plus moisture in wooden parts, including gunnels / seats / end decks / handles from 5 – 10% typically ****

GearNav canoes MADE IN CANADA

  • known for performance, beauty & durability
  • manufactured using only the best & highest grade of materials & resins
  • UV resistant
  • choice of colours available for both interior & exterior to make your boat unique to you…  your imagination with our craftsmanship
  • Ash or Cherry wood gunnels – avoids unnatural noises that scare wildlife away, easy maintenance, creates a stronger & more rigid canoe
  • Deep Dish Yoke in Ash and/or Cherry – why settle for less when you can have comfort from the start to the end of your portage
  • Seats in Ash or Cherry with black or brown webbing – comfortable & easy maintenance
  • Handles, Thwarts & End Decks all in wood – longer lasting, easy maintenance & no unnatural noises while paddling